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Advantages & Disadvantages of Virtual Private Servers, Pros & Cons of VPS hosting
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Advantages & Disadvantages

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Advantages of Virtual Private Server:

  • Insulation: Each virtual server is isolated from other virtual server means one cannot access the feature of another virtual server. If there is crash of one virtual server then it has no effect on the other virtual server.
  • Performance of VPS is higher than the shared hosting as each server has specified allocation of CPU, memory, and disk space. One virtual server can not permit another server to dominate or use its allocated resources.
  • Another advantage of using the VPS is security. As each website has its own resources and operating system then it is difficult for another virtual server to invade the security. Also VPS provide security for the traffic and the mail.
  • Each virtual server can install its own operating system and can install or upgrade any software in their domain.

Disadvantages of Virtual Private Server:

  • Main disadvantage of this type of servers is maintenance problem as each virtual server has its own operating system so it is very difficult for the web host to maintain all the operating system and ensuring the Uptime. The web is responsible for security, maintenance and updates.
  • Sometimes the web host does not provide the actual resource as they commit to provide as most of the time virtual server does not use his full resources, so it is difficult to handle operations at a peak level.
  • As you can use the only allocated resources so it is sometime difficult to handle the unexpected the large traffic.
  • Mismanagement of too many virtual servers residing on the same computer, or if a few virtual servers start utilizing other resources, there may be an observable decrease in speed and performance on web page delivery.

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