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Advantages & Disadvantages of Shared Web Hosting, Pros & Cons of Shared web hosting
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Advantages & Disadvantages

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Advantages Of Shared Web Hosting:

  • One of the best advantage of using shared hosting is "Low Cost". The maintainence and upgrading cost of the server is shared by all the websites running on the server.
  • Shared web hosting is good for small web sites which have average traffic.
  • Web hosts provides the multiple software options. The upgradation and maintainenace of all the softwares is done by the Web Host.
  • It provides you good technical support and privacy from other web sites on the server.
  • It povides you better backup and ensure better Uptime.

Disadvantages Of Shared Web Hosting:

  • The main disadvantage of using this type of service is the reduction of security. As web site is shared with many other web sites on one server so it is not an easy task to provide security to each website. One can invade into the privacy of another website.
  • It provide restrcition on the Traffic Volume. If by chance the traffic of the web site increases, one cannot take full advantage of increased traffic as it imposed restriction on the Traffic Volume.
  • You can not use the databse of the server openly. You do not have any control over the database used by the server.
  • Restricted Software Support. This type of services also imposed restriction on the software . You can use only those software which are used only by the Web Host. If you require additional software for your web site then you cannot use it.
  • You can use only the allocated web space only and same Processor and speed. If there is requirement of more space and processor then it only depends upon the Web host whether they upgrade it or not.

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