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Dedicated Web Hosting, Advantages and disadvantages of Dedicated web servers, why to choose dedicated web servers.
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Advantages and Disadvantages

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Advantages of Dedicated Web server:

  • The main advantage of dedicated serve is Independence. The client has direct access over the server and can do whatever he wants on the server. He has full control on the server and does not share his resources with other clients.
  • Dedicated servers provide higher reliability, increased performance, greater security and exclusive use of the server, system and network resources to the client.
  • Good for large business. It is good for those organizations which have large network and requires internet for daily work.
  • Good for high traffic. Dedicated servers are beneficial for those websites which have a tremendous amount of traffic.
  • Multiple domain names. The client can host multiple web sites on the dedicated server.
  • Powerful email solutions.
  • Powerful database support. The client has full access of database on this type of server.
  • Strong software support. The client can install or upgrade any type of support on the server according to their need.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Web server:

  • One of the main disadvantages is cost. These dedicated servers are most expensive than shared or virtual private servers.
  • Requires higher skills. The client or service provider requires highly qualified professional to monitor and maintenance the server and can handle the technical difficulties.
  • The server is the property of the service provider. The only thing that the company owns is the data.
  • It is impossible to change the Web Host, even if you are not satisfied with their services you are forced to continue with them as you have to maintain the whole system again. So before taking server of any company check all the necessary details of the Web Host.
  • The Web Hosting Provider charges huge monthly fees as you're paying not just for the physical hosting, but also for the hardware on which the site resides.

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