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Types of dedicated servers, Managed Dedicated Server, Unmanaged Dedicated Server
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Types of dedicated servers

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A dedicated server can be of the following two types:

Managed Dedicated Server: Managed dedicated servers are those which are managed by the Web Host. The web host has the responsibility of upgrading the software and hardware of the dedicated server. It monitors and maintains the dedicated and ensures the Uptime of the server. Only data is provided by the client and rest of the work is done by the Web host. The technical difficulties which arise are to be handled by the Web host. It offers the medium and large business owners fast, powerful, reliable and professionally maintained web presence.

Unmanaged Dedicated Server:  In unmanaged dedicated server the Web host provides only place to keep dedicated server and physical security to the client, rest of the resources are to be managed by the client like maintenance of server, upgrading the software and hardware on the server, installation of supporting system and tackle with the technical difficulties all of these have to be monitored by the client. The client must have expertise to tackle with the technical difficulties arose in the dedicated server or they can hire services from the managed web services at a reasonable fees.

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