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Dedicated Web Server, Dedicated Server, Managed Dedicated Server, Dedicated Server Web Hosting, Low Cost Dedicated Web Server
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Dedicated Web Servers

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Dedicated Web Servers: A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of Internet hosting where the client or website owner took an entire server on rent  and it is not shared with anyone. This is more reliable than shared hosting, as organizations or client  have full control over the server.  They can install their  choice of operating system, hardware or anything as they have full access on the server. They do not have to share anything with other client. They can upload as many web sites as they want on their server.

Many dedicated server providers ensure an uptime of 100%. They gave a gurantee of 100% Uptime. Many dedicated server providers include a SLA (Service Level Agreement) based on network uptime. Dedicated server are beneficial for those web sites which have generally high traffic volume, large number of visitors and which require a large bandwidth or disk space. The dedicated hosting environment provides higher reliability, increased performance, greater security and exclusive use of system and network resources. A dedicated server can have up to 100 GB disk space and can handle 1TB (terabyte or 1000 GB) monthly data transfer and can have peak data transfer rates of 100 MPS. If traffic on your web site is large then dedicated server return large sum against the investment made for managing the server.

The client can host as many web sites as they want as they have full access on the server. In dedicated sever you can download any kind of operating system in which you are familiar with and also according to the price of operating system. Linux which is an open-source operating systems can installed  at no charge. However, Microsoft requires additional license fees on all their products, thus increasing the monthly cost of a dedicated server running on a Windows operating system. Commercial operating systems include Microsoft Windows Server, provided through a special program called Microsoft SPLA .

Red Hat Enterprise is a commercial version of Linux offered to hosting providers on a monthly fee basis. The monthly fee provides OS updates through the Red Hat Network using an application called up2date. The various other operating systems that are available from the open source community at no charge are  CentOS, Fedora Core, Debian, and many other Linux distributions or BSD systems FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD.

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