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Tips for selecting good targeted keywords for your website

Posted On 17 Sep, 2007Views : 9811 Previous | Next 
  1. Target keywords are the words that user will type in the search box to find relevant information.
  2. Do a complete research before selecting keywords. Keywords should be related to your business theme also each page on your site should have diferent target keywords relevant to information on that page.
  3. Give consideration to the search engine’s criteria for keywords.
  4. Target Keywords should always be atleast two or more words long. Specific and Long keyphrases reduce the search options, thus higher rank.
  5. Don’t forget to put keywords at vital locations of web pages. Don’t overcrowd your content with keywords.
  6. Use keywords throughout the webpage instead of concentrating them at the beginning or at the end.
  7. Avoid using the same keyword phrase several times in a paragraph. This is called keyword stuffing.
  8. HTML Meta Title Tag must have target keywords, failure to put keywords here is the main reason for poor ranking of most of the sites. It must also appear in the first paragraph of your webpage.
  9. Use wisely as much keywords as you can in your content. This is known as Keyword Density.
  10. Do not spam the Keyword Meta Tag by stuffing meaningless keywords.
  11. Show your keywords once in h1 tag, once in bold and once in italics, this will show to crawler that these keywords phrases are important.
  12. Try to have all text links (Anchor Text) as descriptive keywords. By this, when a spider follows a link to your page, it will have an understanding of the content.
  13. Tables can "push" your text further down the page, making keywords less relevant because they appear lower on the page. This is because tables break apart when search engines read them.
  14. Use of - in between your keywords in your domain name will act as a space in between words. So if a search engine user were to search for "suits apparels" and you had a domain name of then It would have a better chance of getting a higher place in the results page than due to the - being used.
  15. Use your keywords wisely in the title meta tag, the content, the anchor text of internal links, the anchor text of external links, the description meta tag, the alt tags of images, the H1 tag (and other heading tags), the filenames of pages, the filenames of images, the title tags of links. Though search engines analyse the whole of a webpage to determine the relevancy of keywords but the text within above area is given more importance.

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