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About Google

Google Inc. is an American public corporation, specializing in Internet search and online advertising. The company is based in Mountain View, California, and has 13,748 full-time employees as of June 30, 2007. It is co-founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in September, 1998 while they were still doing Ph.D in computer science at Stanford University. The name Google is derived from a mathematical term 'Googol' written by Milton Sirotta who is nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner. The term means '1 followed by 100 zeros'. As both Larry and Brin wants to make a system to organize world's information and also make it available to people in a fraction of time, hence the name is selected and world's no.1 search engine comes into origin. Initially, Google management decided not to follow traditional ways of generating money. As internet business is in its developing stage those days, a number of firms are ready to invest millions of dollors but instead of going for that options, Google concentrated their attention on building a better search engine. They got their initial investment from 'Angel Investor' and brought together two competing venture capital firms to fund its first equity round. Also, Google management identified two initial opportunities for generating revenue i.e. search services and advertising. Before Google, most of the large server fails in busy hours but Google has evolved its own new kind of serves setup with faster response time, greater scalability and lower costs and continued to refine its back-end technology to make it even more efficient. Google is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.


Google Logo

Initially, in 1998 Sergey Brin designed a logo himself using the free graphic program GIMP, later in 2000 they appointed Dennis Hwang to design their logos since then he is designing their logos. Google used to include some special features in their logos at special occasions like America's Independence Day, Birthdays of famous people, major events like Olympics, etc. These have become known as Google Doodles. The current official Google logo was designed by Ruth Kedar, and is a logotype based on the Catull typeface.

Google's Mission Statement

"to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful."

How it works?
Google, a perfect search engine,  which understands what you ask and give response in a fraction of time. But this fraction of time involves a number of actions to give you perfect answer. Google employed a number of linked PCs to quickly find each query's answer. Whenever a web server sends the query to the index server, the content inside the index server tells which pages contain the words that match the query. Then the query travels to the doc servers, which actually retrieve the stored documents. Snippets are generated to describe each search result and finally the search results are returned to the user in a fraction of a second.


Founders of Google

Larry Page
Co-Founder & President, Products

Larry is the son of Dr. Carl Victor Page who is a computer science professor at Michigan State University. His love for computer was visible at an early age.  Later he did his Degree in computer science. He built an inkjet printer out of Lego™ bricks while he was in Ann Arbor. At Stanford University where he was persuing his Ph.D in computer science, he met with Larry and together they developed and ran Google, which began operating in 1998. Larry went on leave from Stanford after earning his master's degree. Both of them grew the company to more than 200 employees and profitability. He is a member of the National Advisory Committee (NAC) of the University of Michigan College of Engineering. In 2002, Larry was named a World Economic Forum Global Leader for Tomorrow and in 2004 Larry with co-founder Sergey Brin was honoured with Marconi Prize. He is a trustee on the board of the X PRIZE, and was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2004.


Sergey Brin
Co-Founder & President, Technology

Resident of Moscow, Sergey Brin, received a bachelor of science degree with honors in mathematics and computer science from the University of Maryland at College Park. Sergey is a recipient of a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship as well as an honorary MBA from Instituto de Empresa. He is currently on leave from the Ph.D. program in computer science at Stanford University, where he received his master's degree. It was at Stanford where he met Larry Page and worked on the project that became Google. Together they founded Google Inc. in 1998, and Sergey continues to share responsibility for day-to-day operations with Larry Page and Eric Schmidt.

Sergey's research interests include search engines, information extraction from unstructured sources, and data mining of large text collections and scientific data. He has published more than a dozen academic papers, including Extracting Patterns and Relations from the World Wide Web; Dynamic Data Mining: A New Architecture for Data with High Dimensionality, which he published with Larry Page; Scalable Techniques for Mining Casual Structures; Dynamic Itemset Counting and Implication Rules for Market Basket Data; and Beyond Market Baskets: Generalizing Association Rules to Correlations.

Sergey has been a featured speaker at several international academic, business and technology forums, including the World Economic Forum and the Technology, Entertainment and Design Conference. He has shared his views on the technology industry and the future of search on the 'Charlie Rose Show', CNBC, and CNNfn. In 2004, he and Larry Page were named "Persons of the Week" by ABC World News Tonight.

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