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How search engine works

Posted On 17 Sep, 2007Views : 3516 Previous | Next 

There are mainly three steps to be followed i.e.

  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Searching

The first step is crawling. The crawler sometimes called spider, reads a webpage and then follow links to other pages within the site to see the relevance of content. This is continuous process which is done every month or two to look for the changes in site.

Now the second step starts i.e. Indexing. Everything that a crawler reads goes into a large catalogue which is a like a record of every web page. This book is also updated to record the changes in web pages.

Search engine software (Searching) is the third part of a search engine. This is the program that sifts through the millions of pages recorded in the index to find matches to a search and rank them in order of what it believes is most relevant.

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