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Points to remember before building a web site

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Points to remember before building a site if you want good ranking on search engine

  1. Always make a site with some purpose stuffed with rich content of relevant information because only focused efforts can be fruitful. So, design your site that clearly represent your business and make an easy navigation based on your keyword research.
  2. After setting goal, do a keyword research to identify the target keyword phrases. Keyword research is very important for site’ usability. Think about keywords by stepping into the shoes of users.
  3. Make a user-friendly site and don’t try to cheat them.
  4. Ask your designer to follow W3C’s accessibility guidelines.
  5. Messy, bloated HTML code, 404 errors, re-directs, too many graphics, content hiding behind forms etc., all hinder the search engines’ ability to index your site.
  6. Don’t make pages with large images, if images are necessary; make a thumbnail of it and link it with full image page so that you can add more pages and text in it which spiders love to crawl.
  7. Any graphics, including background, must be compressed for file size (10,000 bytes or less each).
  8. No broken links should be there in your site and links should lead to right path.
  9. Your page must load quickly, in about 10 - 20 seconds. Also keep your layour simple, it will help you in getting more traffic, ranking and revenue for the site.
  10. Text in graphics, Pages that require registration, cookies or passwords, XML, Java applets, Multimedia files (Shockwave, streaming video) are the files that search engines don’t index. Also Acrobat files (PDF), except Google and Dynamic content (URLs with "?" in them), except Google, Altavista, FAST and Inktomi other search engines don’t index these files.
  11. Create Workaround Pages for the files that search engines don’t index. Only most important information about your site should be there and optimize these pages like doorway pages. Always give link to these pages through sitemap and submit workaround pages rather than non-optimized pages.
  12. Focus your attention on the search engines that will bring you the most traffic.
  13. Keep your site updated with required information in your field of action.

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