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Inbound Links

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An Inbound Link is a link from a site outside of your site. It sends visitors to your site. Today it has become an important medium of search engine optimization as many search engines ranks pages based on inbound links. The more genuine inbound links one can get, the better it is. More Inbound links means better quality and more robots visits to your site.

Methods to get Inbound Links
The best way to get inbound links is simply to create web pages which other webmasters will want to link to. These are known as Natural Links - the type of link which is created purely to increase the usefulness of the internet (in an ideal world all links would be natural).

Natural links have many advantages:

  • You don't have to work to acquire them (except creating the content in the first place). 
  • They are free and you don't have to reciprocate the link. 
  • The links will be diverse, with different anchor text. 
  • The referring pages tend to be similarly themed (this is likely to become more important in the future).

If you are lucky you will attract enough natural links to give your site a boost. However, Following are some of the methods to get Imbound Links :

List your website in good directories. There are both advantages and disadvantages of directory submission which are :


  • Can be free
  • Web site submissions can be reviewed within, typically, 48-72 hours if the submission is paid.
  • Directories often have high PageRank that can be passed onto your site.
  • People still use directories to get to web sites, so it's also a good source of traffic


  • Can cost money
  • Can take up to 2 years or more to get a free directory submission reviewed.
  • There is little control over what anchor text will be used.
  • Time consuming to find and submit your web site

Join forums and place links to your site(s) in your signature line. Before doing this take into consideration following points :

  • Use your main search terms as the link text.
  • Before spending time writing lots of posts with your signature line in each post, make sure that the forum is spiderable by checking the robots.txt file, and make sure that non-members don't have session IDs in the URLs. 
  • Also make sure that links in signature lines are not hidden from spiders, for this view the source code to make sure that signature links are in plain HTML format and not in Javascript.

Link exchange centers
Find a join free link exchange center where you can find a categorized directory of websites that also want to exchange links. But don't sign up with FFA (Free For All) sites because they are mostly email address gatherers and there may be a sudden increase in email spam soon after you sign up. Also, only sign up with centers where you can approach other sites personally, and where they can approach you personally.

Email request
Make a research to find your competitors and personally send them emails asking for a link exchange.Don't send emails to your direct competitors.

Reciprocal Links
Contact other websites with similar themes to your and ask for a reciprocal link. These links are also known as bilateral links. These type of link has both advantages and disadvantages which are :


  • It's free and cost effective way to get links. 
  • Reciprocal links between thematically similar sites can bring more targeted traffic.
  • Both websites' weight with regards to search engine results can be increased as search engine algorithms are believed to give greater value to links from the topic-related sites rather than irrelevant backlinks.


  • Time consuming
  • Tedious 
  • Your site gives away Page Rank 
  • Slow to get many links to your web site

Buy them
There are websites that want to sell links. They are usually medium to high PageRank sites, and often the link will be placed on multiple pages, or all pages within the site. It's possible to approach individual sites where you would like your links to appear, but it is much quicker, easier and more reliable to use a middle-man service.

Finally, there are even links for sale by public auction.

Don't opt for
Free for All (FFA) and Link Farms
These are websites which allow you to post your URL freely without being part of any structured or useful directory. Link farms exist to benefit the linked websites rather than any person trying to use the links. Search engines hate link farms, and participating in some of them may cause your site to be banned from certain search engines. Both the practices are useless and could ban your site.

Buying links
Some websites sell links from pages with a high PR value. These can be very effective but they are frowned upon and search engines such as Google have been known to identify and blacklist the websites involved.

This is where a site invites visitors to sign a guestbook, many of which allow HTML code in the comments section where anyone can create a link to their site. Don't pay your attention.

Auto linking software
These are just wastage of time.

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