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Tips for link building

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Tips for link building : Points to remember before link building

Link Building is a process of getting other related sites pointing to your site (Outgoing Link) and links to other’s related sites from your site (Incoming Link). It is a wonderful way to increase traffic of your site and also ranking on major search engines. Each link pointing towards your site counts as a vote for your site by search engines. Quantity is also important with quality as a whole site with same subject linked to your site carries more weight. If the text (Anchor Text) of the links pointing to your site includes your targeted keywords, the link is even better vote for your site. Following tips can help you in getting quality Links :

Tips for Free Links

Write a great content because only quality can get you links.

Exchanging Links is the best way to get links. For this, make a search on all major search engines for your own target keywords; then make a list of top 50 or 100 listings manually; compare their site with yours and if satisfied on all the points then contact them through an email. Instead of using a standard email, write them personally giving some information about your company and you and also write some words about their company and the reason why a link exchange would be good for both parties.

Submitting your site to web directories is also a good option to get links, submit your site to 10 or 20 different directories. If you get minimum 10 visitor a day from one directory, you can get a traffic of around 100-200 visitors daily. This is just a raw data, rest depends on your own capabilities. You can also look for the sites that want reciprocal links. Both these strategies are more useful for beginners.

Article Syndication can also help you in getting links. Write good articles related to your field of action and submit them to article directories or send these to potential link partners. This will encourage them to link you with them as they will feel that they are going to get quality content which is very important for a website.

The fastest way to get links is to run an affiliation program, if you are selling products or services or even membership services. Accomompanied with other techniques like article syndication or emailing etc., it can prove very good for getting links. An affiliate program offers your visitors and potential link partners the chance to make money by doing a little promotion of your product.

Make sure that every page is keyword rich and has few links back to your home page by this web spiders registers more back links to your home page.

Keep the number of links on each page less i.e. between 15-20, otherwise your site may be considered as a ‘Link Farm’ and search engines hate link farms.

Links from your site must be related to the overall theme and content of your website. For this make a list of keywords and link categories relevant to that of your own website. Don’t use categories which are not related to your business.

If you request the link by email it can be a good idea to include the link back that you want, the title of the link, the exact URL and the HTML code. By providing the code all the webmaster will have to do is copy and paste, it cuts the amount of work they have do.

Try and make sure the text that the other party link back to you is descriptive with keywords that are important to you and the page.

Use your creativity to find ways to force the other party to make a link with you. Things that can attract others can be your content, site-wide links, reciprocal links etc., rest depends on your creativity and communication power.

Outgoing links that you get may have links at their own site; try to contact them if you think that it is worth it.

You must have a software which automatically checks for the effectiveness and removal of the

Paid Links

Use link directory software that checks links automatically. Selecting a right directory needs a research on your part.

Avoid the companies which promises you to ‘get hundreds of links in 3 days’ or said ‘5 best ways to get links’ as there is no perfect single techniques to get links rather you can mix and match a number of tricks according to the nature of your business and website.

Go for companies that don’t ask for big money and will accept a combination of reciprocal linking.

And above all, you can’t get success in a day; have patience; do a consistent and quality work and go with a balanced approach. The practical way is, even if you have enough funds initially (beginning of your business), to follow a balanced path of free link building strategies alongwith paid methods because it is always not advisable to spend too much in your business before it starts to show a profit. Once your site got name in traffic and page rank with quality work, then you can target the PR 7 and PR 8 websites.

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