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Different Ways to Advertise Website on Internet

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Different Ways to Advertise Website on Internet
If you thought that by making a website your work is over, then think again because there should be someone who visits your site and to increase viewing of your website it is important to advertise your website. Website advertising means advertise your website through internet. As all we know that nowadays net users are growing at a very fast rate and also many new sites are coming daily so it is not an easy task to keep user stick with your website. Advertising website is the best way to attract user to visit your website. If you advertise then more peoples visit your website hence more traffic and it will give you more revenue.  There are different ways to promote website on internet. I am going to discuss various ways to advertise your website.

  1. One of the best ways to advertise your website is through Search Engines. Registering your website with the search engines will expose your website. From the survey it has been found that most of the user find or visit new websites through search engines. If you advertise your website on main search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Altavista then it will help you in attracting more and more user to visit your site which in turn lead to increase in revenue. Along with advertising you have to keep your website up to date to compete with other websites. Also one important thing that should be kept in mind that whenever user searches for any keywords then after search your website must come within first three pages unless there is no use of promoting your website on any search engine, so always keep updating your website.
  2. Another way of advertising your website is through Banner Ads. Banner Ads comes on top, bottom or side of the pages. On clicking the Banner of ads user will make a homepage of your website, this will lead to increase in viewing of your website. The best example of homepage is of Yahoo as you can see that most of the user have yahoo page as a home page. Recently banner ads have begun to make waves for small to midsize businesses. Placing a banner on a trade publication website is a great way to generate traffic. There are different kinds of banners like static banners, rotating banners, scrolling banner, expanding banner, animated banner, java and flash banner. You can use any type of banner which is best suited for your website.   
  3. One way of promoting the website is by targeting the existing customers. You can provide information on upcoming events to them. You have to reply their queries. This will help in binding the existing customers with your website and as well as they tell others about the feature of your website.
  4. Mailing Lists is also an important way of Advertising your website. Through mailing lists you can notify the upcoming events to the persons who subscribe your newsletters. In mailing lists you send information on customer mail address who subscribed your newsletters. Mainly newsletters are sent once or twice in a month to the subscriber. This will help in strengthening the bond between you and your customer.
  5. Through Newsgroups one can advertise his website. Newsgroups are the place where ideas are exchanged on various topics. By answering the questions posted on various newsgroups to the various people you are promoting your website. This will show that your website have some useful information which will attract the various people.
  6. Register your websites on PPC (pay per click) search engines. In pay per click you have to give sum amount of money on every click to that search engine through which user comes to your website. In PPC, keywords and phrases play an important role so while advertising you should have attractive and killing phrases. One thing should be kept in mind before using the PPC is that you will get more return than your investment otherwise there is no use of  using PPC search engines.
  7. Writing articles with a good content and submitting it on your and as well as many other websites will also help you in promoting your website. Make sure that you will provide your links at the end of the articles. The purpose will be to create enthusiasm to the user to visit your link.
  8. Exchange links will be another useful method to promote your website. In it you will placed Banners or links of another websites in your homepage and your banner or links of your site at their website, this will boost your targeted traffic.
  9. Join the social networks, these social networks helps a lot in advertising you website e.g. orkut is fast growing social network nowadays, apart from orkut there are more social networks like, Simpy, Digg,, Stumbleupon from where you can advertise your website. In these networks you upload your articles through tags which are easily available in these networks.  When people will click on the tags they will find articles submitted by you.
  10. Another way of advertising your website is use of templates. There are many templates available in different sites. There are free as well as paid templates available in the internet. Most people preferred to go for paid templates as they are most of the time attractive than free templates but if you do not want to spend money on paid templates then you to spend time to chose the best free templates. The main thing which you should kept in mind while choosing a template is that the chosen template should be attractive and according to your website.
    Before choosing any template carefully read the rules and regulations of that template because you will usually be required to link to the original designer's web page, or you are only aloud to use the template for personal use not commercial. So make sure you understand the terms before you use the template.
    One more way of using the best template is by buying the exclusive templates. Exclusive templates are those templates which available only once. For this type of templates you may have to pay a good amount but these templates offer a high value to your website. The only disadvantage of using these templates is that you can't change the design of template according to your need so chose the best template.
  11. Hold a contest at your website. This will increases the participation of people at your website. The contests should be attractive one and full of knowledge so that it can draw attention of many visitors.
  12. Start a blog. It is a very good way to advertise your website. As you have seen that in most of the search engines people search for the blogs as it contains fresh content. You can write about your website or discuss any hot topic in your blog. The content written in your blog must be fresh and attractive. You can provide links of your website in your blog.
  13. Start the Forums and Bulletin Boards. To attract more user start the forums and bulletin boards in your website. This will help user to interact with each other. There are many forums you can through search engines where you can submit your views along with your links. This will lead to increase in traffic at your website.
  14. Conducting interviews of renowned persons and writing about the interviews also boost the traffic of your website. You must write the each and every details of interview at your website. This will increase the interest of visitors to read the interviews.
  15. Take feedback from each visitor who visits your website. This will help in finding the drawbacks in your website and try to solve the shortcomings pointed out by the users as soon as possible.
  16. You can list your website in online directories. There are many sites which allow free listing of your website in their business directories. You search for these free business directory listings and register with them.
  17. Create affiliate programs. In this referral program you have to pay money         when a sale is made through a link they have from their site to yours. It is very easy to set up this referral program. It's simply a matter of developing a system to track where all your sales are made from and then developing a system to pay the affiliate fees to your affiliates.  There are different kinds of affiliate programs such as Commission-Based affiliate program, Flat Fee referral program, Click- Through programs. It is now up to you which type of referral program you choose for your website advertisement.
  18. Develop online customer service or support. You can start FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) section at your website. You should provide solution to the customer queries online through 24 hour a day online support system. By providing solution to their queries you increased your visitor lists as you will developed a trust in their minds.
  19. Provide free stuff on your website. If you want to increase the traffic on your website then you have to give away something. The best way is to provide some free links on your websites. To find free links just go to any search engines and search for that kind of links. By providing free links you can ask the visitors to notify them though mails with this you can access the permission of emailing them. You can change the free stuff links  weekly so that no one get bored by using same old free links and try to have clear and neat logo and url of your website on these links, as this will help you a lot in promoting your website.
  20. Provide a free sample of the product from your website. Ask to people about their thoughts on the products, is there any problems, are they have any question. Ask the visitors as they would like to notify about the new products through emails, through this you can access their emails and you can remind them about your new products, you regular website updates. Make sure you include your signature file in your e-mail message.
  21.  "Laughter is the best medicine" so provide one humor section in your website. Also try to update this section daily. Ask the visitors whether they to notify the regular updates of this section through e-mail. This will help in boosting the traffic of your website.
  22. Every one loves some fun activities or games.  Provide one section which includes some fun activities like contests or interactive online games where one user can play game with another user.
  23. Link popularity issue. Go to any search engine and find the top most sites comes at first page by using important keywords. Note the topmost sites and ask them for providing your links on the website as this is time consuming but it will increase your ranking in the search engines.
  24. Add signature files with e-mails sent to the visitors. Signature file is basically your electronics business card. It is in the form of short memo card attached with your e-mail messages. It depends upon you how cleverly you can use your signature file. It can be used to let people know about the latest updates in your website, special events and various awards or honors your company received.
  25. Autoresponders is another way of promoting your website. It is basically a program located on mail sever that is set up to automatically send a preprogrammed reply to e-mail address that sent mail to it. The major advantage of using autoresponders is the immediate response to the sender. It automatically replies to the persons who send email to your company without any manual operation. Through this you can send multiple messages at predetermined intervals. The first response go immediately then second response will go after two days and third response will go after five days after the second message and so on. Now a day's autoresponders are more effectively working.  They  automatically maintain the database of the people who sent the mail for any information and automatically reply to them and even delete the e-mail address which are no longer in use. They also make reports of the people who requesting any information and they are cost effective. Autoresponders are used to send any kind of information like Price Lists, newsletters etc.
  26. Use of emoticons may lead to increase the traffic of your website. Emoticons are formed by two "emotions" and "icons". Emoticons are the combinations of keyword characters that give the funny appearance of the word. They are meant for smiling, laughing. These emoticons let you communicate your meaning and intentions to your reader. It enables you to add humor to your text messages. 

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