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Advantages, Shortcomings & Impacts of Internet Marketing

Posted On 03 Nov, 2007Views : 10471 Previous | Next 

Advantages of Internet Marketing
In the fast paced World no one has time to go out and shop in the market so here Internet Marketing plays an important role.

  • One can easily buy products by online shopping.
  • With the Internet Marketing consumer can easily gather information about the products which he want to buy and can bought it with just one click.
  • With the use of internet marketing the cost of people used to sale the product is also reduced.
  • Compared to another media such as Print, TV, Radio the cost of Internet is very low.
  • Internet marketing also help you to sale your product in the domestic as well as in the international market.

Shortcomings of Internet Marketing

  • One of biggest shortcoming of Internet Marketing is the user knowledge of using the internet. There are many people who either do not know how to use the internet or not aware of new technologies used by the various developers.
  • Another shortcoming of Internet Marketing is the type of connection used by the user as we know the speed of internet is very slow in dial up connection or the connection established by using Mobiles, so sometimes it is difficult to download the required information about the product by using such connections.
  • As you can gather information about the product but you can't visualize the product.  Some E-Commerce vendors have implemented liberal return policies and in store pick up services to reassure customers.
  • Also security is one of the main concerns in Online Marketing. For both company and consumer who participate in online business, security is very important. Consumer afraid to buy products online due to the leakage of consumer information regarding his credits cards number and other personal information.  Many consumers do not trust on the company that the company will hide their personal information provided by him. Recently, some companies who are in business of online marketing caught while selling information of their customers.

Impacts of Internet Marketing On Various Sectors
Internet Marketing has a very great impact on various sectors like music, banking, markets, property etc. In music sectors there are many websites through which one easily downloads songs and movies. So there is no need of going to market and buying CD's as everything is available with one click.

  • In banking sectors many banks offering online services as it is more reliable than to visit branch of the bank and wait for their turn by standing in queue. One can check balance through online banking.
  • Through online marketing you can sell or buy any product or property. There are online auctions to buy properties. So you can say there is a lot of boom in Internet Marketing.

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