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Search Engine Optimization FAQs

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What are Link exchanges and farms?
Link farms are networks of heavily cross linked pages on one or more sites, with the sole intention of improving the link popularity of those pages and sites. All of the major search engines consider such links as spam, so stay clear of these types of links.

Is it true that the more search engine optimized terms you have on a page the more money you will make?
It is true that you are likely to draw more traffic by having more keywords but all the visitors are not buyers; also search engines may penalize you for ‘keyword stuffing’.

Have you always be unethical to make a profit using search engine techniques on the Internet?
No, not always, there are probably more honest people using search engine optimization techniques to sell their products and services then dishonest ones. You can add SEO all you want to a site but if there is a basic problem with your business plan or equation then no short cut in the world will solve it.

Is search engine optimization techniques requires a lot of money ?
It is true that like any other occupation you need money to run it but it is also true that money is not the only key to success here but time and talent also required to be a successful merchant or marketer who uses SEO.

What is the importance of meta tags?
It is true that meta tags are important but different tags have different importance for different users as search engines rely more on content rather than the tags and people who are interested in having links with you rely more on your keyword meta tag. Overall, one should concentrate more on the robot tags and description tags.

Should I submit my site to search engines weekly or monthly?
You need to submit your site to search engines only once or even not at all because search engines gives weightage to quality work only. If your site is good it will return to you automatically.

Is SEO is a costly affair?
Actually, SEO is probably the most cost effective form of online marketing. Organic SEO is cheaper to set up and maintain than a PPC campaign or banner advertising. With PPC and banner advertising, you pay for clicks or impressions. With SEO, all clicks are FREE. You simply pay for the set up and monitoring of your site's pages.

Is PPC more effective than natural SEO?
In the short term, true otherwise it is false. If you want immediate results, then PPC is more effective otherwise people trusts organic searches more. People know that the ads to the right of the page are sponsored ads where anyone can bid on any term they want, as many often do, without even a hint of relevance. Organic SEO is preferred by traffic over 5 to 1 to PPC. If taking into consideration the preferences of search engine traffic, then long term SEO structuring is more effective. A top 5 ranking may take some time to get, but once you are there (and provided you can maintain it), you will get better results than from a PPC ad.

Is hiring an SEO specialist "in house" is cheaper?
The problem with hiring someone in house is, they are paid hourly or by salary. Most SEO firms charge per item or project. It doesn't matter how long it takes us, you pay a one time charge. When you hire a firm, it's like having a team of SEO experts on your payroll. Paying a flat rate saves you money and speeds up the time it takes to complete a job. Additionally, most SEO firms have specialists who write, submit, redesign sites, post pages, etc... Hiring one person who can do all these things competently is highly unlikely.

Can I only optimize my homepage for key terms?
You can and rather you should optimize every page on your site. Each page should have it's own keywords. Is content with the correct keyword density enough for my site to rank well ?
No, especially if you want to rank on Google. You will need off site SEO as well as onsite SEO. Keyword density may work, but it will take more than that to rank well for all search engines.

Should I not aim for the most competitive keywords and phrases?
Optimize for some high, medium and low competitive keywords, try to cover all your bases. You may won't rank well for the high competitive keywords but you can always work to improve them. Don't shy away from top keywords just because they are competitive. You may never know how close you could rank for them unless you try.

Is it true that we should work with only those companies that give you a guarantee?
No, rather you should avoid those companies as these may be misleading.

If A SEO requires a 1 year commitment on my part, should I go for that?
No, certainly it should not happen. SEO should be performed on a month to month basis with a mutual understanding. A long term contract can only ensure you a year long bad services. You may not be satisfied with SEOs services in between, so don’t go for such contracts unless and until you are comfortable with whom you are dealing.

What should I do if some company promises me top ten search engine ranking?
Only search engines themselves can give such guarantee. Don’t believe such companies, they can be misleading.

Is it true that Search Engine leads are worthless than other leads?
No, Search Engine leads are the probably the most qualified leads, because they come from people searching for the exact products and services which the search engines have you indexed. They are looking for you, not the other way around. Keep in mind you must be targeting the right keywords, but that is the job of your SEO firm, to help you choose the right keywords.

Should we optimize the website during making?
I t is true but only a small percentage of designers and developers actually optimize pages for the search engines while they are building. Most search engine optimization is done after the fact, if at all. As many as 60% of all sites are not properly optimized to rank high in the search engines, so anything you do to optimize your site puts it ahead of your competitors who don't.

Will simply inserting keywords in the keyword meta tag help list your site for that keyword?
No, most major search engines do not spider or index the keyword meta tag and those that do, if the keyword is not also in the copy of the same page, it's considered spam which could lower your rankings, not raise it. At best the keyword tag is used by directories when submitting your site.

Is Keyword density decide the rank?
This is a little tricky since each algorithm uses different factors for ranking. A keyword density of 3 to 15% is recommended for tweaking the page for higher placement (depending on the individual search engine). Combined with other optimization efforts and tweaks, the proper keyword density will get listed higher. A keyword density that is too high will get listed lower or penalized.

Can hidden links or text in a page get your page ranked higher?
No, keyword stuffing and hidden links in the page can get your site penalized or banned if detected. It is considered spamming by some engines. Most people think it's not worth the risk.

Is more reciprocal links to other sites gets you higher page rank?
Outbound links to related and unrelated sites are factored into page rank. Unreciprocated links count higher than reciprocated links. The more quality inbound links to your site, the higher the PR, but nobody knows exactly how Google factors their PR and their algorithm is constantly adjusted. A million links to and from unrelated sites could drop your PR and if your site is found linking to obvious FFA or link farms, your site could be penalized as being 'guilty by association'.

How important is it to update my site?
To keep your site updated is very important because only updated sites get higher rankings. By routine maintenance (removing outdated material, fixing broken links, queries, etc.) and updating your pages regularly, you are signaling the bots and crawlers to come back and re-crawl your site for changes to their listings. To maintain high standings, you need to keep at it and tweak the pages for better results if necessary. If neglected, your standings could easily slip out of the top rankings as new competing sites get indexed and optimized.

Can we achieve higher rankings on a keyword without changing the code or content of the pages in site?
Not likely for long. Any elevated results will be temporary. If you want to steadily improve your ranking, you must make changes to your site that help the search engines spider it. You might temporarily raise your ranking by running regular queries and reports on search engines for your keywords but steady results are dependent on your willingness to optimize and tweak the code and content of your pages. A simple thing like fixing broken links can contribute to elevating your listings. It's one of the most overlooked search engine tweaks. Search engines will not continue to spider a site when it runs into a number of broken links.

What is Black Hat SEO?
The deceptive techniques used to manipulate the search engines are known as Black Hat SEO. A number of techniques are used by companies to improve rankings like use of ‘hidden text’ or redirecting users to pages that are more human friendly and different from the page described to search engine. Sites using black hat techniques may be penalized by the search engines, either by reducing their ranking or eliminating their listing from their databases.

What is a White Hat SEO?
Techniques and methods which conforms to the guidelines issued by search engines are known as White Hat SEO. Generally, the sites which write content for users and not to attract search engines, then make that content easily accessible to spiders are known as White Hat SEO.

What is Link Spamming?
Link Spamming is a black hat SEO technique. As some search engine use page ranking to index sites, so this technique is used to take advantage of that fact. Page rank give higher ranking to a website that is linked to many other sites. There are different ways of Link Spamming i.e. Link Farming, Sybil Attack, Spam blogging, Spam blogs, Wiki Spam, Page Hijacking etc. Link Spamming means making groups of pages that refer to each other in order to bulk up a link index; ‘Sybil Attack’ is putting up links to unrelated but popular sites where visitors will not see them, this is the forging of multiple identities for malicious intent, named after the famous woman with the multiple personality disorder; Spam blogs are creation of bogus multiple sites with different domain names that all link to each other; Wiki Spam uses the open editing platform of wiki systems to place links on a page; Spam Blogging is the placing of links randomly on other sites in blogs, forums, guest books and forums; Page hijacking is another technique used by link spammers, when some website owners forgets to renew their expired domain names, it is achieved by creating a rogue copy of a popular website which shows contents similar to the original to a web crawler, but redirects web surfers to unrelated or malicious websites. Some link spammers monitor DNS records for domains that will expire soon, and then buy them when they expire and replace the pages with links to their pages.

What is Content Spamming?
Content Spamming is black hat technology of SEO. It can be done in a number of ways. One of the most popular types of content spamming is to insert hidden or visible text right on the web page in the form of disguised keywords and phrases. These keywords are the same color as the background, hidden as a tiny font or hidden within HTML code, ALT attributes and "no script" sections. This helps attract a web crawler. Another popular content spamming technique is called keyword stuffing. This involves the insertion of hidden, random text on a webpage to raise the keyword density or ratio of keywords to other words on the page. Similar is the practice of meta tag stuffing which is the practice of repeating keywords in the Meta tags, and using keywords that are unrelated to the site's content. "Gateway" or doorway pages” is another tactics of content spammming. These are low-quality web pages that contain very little content but are instead stuffed with very similar key words and phrases. They are designed to rank highly within the search results. A doorway page will generally have "click here to enter" in the middle of it and this is the link that leads you to the more human friendly aspect of a site. These techniques are sometimes used so smartly that they are considered white hat.

What is Spamdexing?
Spamdexing is a combination of spamming and indexing. Some designers design their pages by taking into consideration various factors which search engines use to determine ranks etc. Intentionally creating pages to deceive search engines is known as Spamdexing.

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