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What is email marketing

Posted On 10 Dec, 2007Views : 4483 Previous | Next 

Email Marketing is actually a direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a mode to promote the product. It is the fastest way of communication with the various people. Within a fraction of seconds you can communicate with the persons and told about your company without any physical interaction with the person. It brings the website developer more close to the clients. You promote your product by sending information about your products or by sending newsletters regarding updates of your products. It is the process of using emails to send advertising and promotional materials to the target markets. Email Marketing is very beneficial for the sale of your product. In email marketing you gave information about the existence of your product and the services provided by your company to the targeted clients by sending emails. You can send newsletters and useful articles to the targeted persons to increase traffic at your website. As comparison to other media, email marketing is less expensive. You can track that how much amount you spent on email marketing and how much money you earned through the marketing.

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