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Methods to increase the permission based email lists

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Permission Based Email Lists
Making a cost effective permission based email list of all readers is a very tough challenge. It required a lot of time to collect email lists of those readers which gave permit to send articles or newsletters of your website to their email address. It has been found that every year 30% of the people have changed their email address so making a list of email reader needs a lot of effort. To increase the visitor lists you have to constantly work upon making new email address.

There are various methods to increase the permission based email lists:

  1. Always use the sign up option at every page in your website.
  2. Promote the benefits of your website on the sign up page so that the customer took no time in signing with your website.
  3. Contact professional trade organization for their email lists. Some organization provides free email lists but some of them may charge a modest fee for providing email list. Send newsletters to each email address and also ask to them to register at your website for more newsletters.
  4. Recommend others good newsletters in your newsletters. By doing this you can win the trust of the reader, they appreciate your work and hence result in more subscribers.  
  5. Provide the newsletters information of your website at the end of your presentation and also you can give the url of your website.
  6. Create a free of cost guide which people can download at your site. Write about the free of cost guide at the press release. Ask for the subscription of your newsletter when they download it.
  7. Providing high value content in your newsletters also boosts the subscription of your newsletters.
  8. Incentives like white papers, discount, special reports definitely increase your subscription rate.
  9. Pay for search engines services like Google Adwords and give the url of your website at these search engines.
  10. To get an easy subscriber with minimal effort is just ask a person who already subscribes your newsletter to tell about your newsletters to their friends.
  11. Send E-cards to the people to encourage them to subscribe your newsletters.
  12. If you do not have an email address then took help of direct call centre or Sales employee to get email address of the various people with their permission and send them newsletters on their mail id.
  13. Provide opt-in Information on customer satisfaction surveys. Ask them whether they like the valuable information and encourage them to subscribe newsletters for more information.
  14. Include opt in forms in product shopping.
  15. Clearly indicate your website policies so that no one has problem while registering with your website.
  16. Use direct mails or catalogs.
  17. Give sign up forms at various seminars or at public functions.
  18. Add Opt-in Message to Warranty and Product Registration Cards.
  19. Add Sign-Up Message to Invoices.
  20. Promote Your Email/Newsletter in Articles and Article Attribution. Give your email signature at the end of the article.
  21. During Press releases include your website link in newsletters for subscription.

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